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 Lørdag 19. mai 09:30 - 17:00


Hypnotherapy Workshop with Steve Burgess

NB! Kurset foregår på engelsk!


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Take control of your life with hypnotherapy -
Use the power of your subconcious to create the life you want to live.

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Do you sometimes fell that you're sleep-walking through your life? That you're stuck in a rut and constantly re-playing old patterns? Do you feel that you are not achieving your full potential? Are you fed up of feeling this way and want to change your life? 
Stop Existing and Start Living is a workshop designed to help you take control of and responsibility for your life, so that you can start living the life you choose to live. So much of what we do is driven by our unconscious mind and we follow automatic patterns of response based on our past experiences, leaving us feeling dissatisfied and helpless. However, we CAN change the way that we respond and transform our lives.
In this workshop you will be given highly effective techniques that use the awesome power of your sub-conscious to create the changes in your life that you want to achieve. Hypnotherapy is a totally natural way to harness your potential and Hypnotherapist Steve Burgess is an acknowledged expert in his field, having conducted over 14,000 therapy sessions in his 26 year career. Steve will guide you through a series of hypnotic techniques which can help to move you away from those old, ineffective responses into new processes and behaviours that will improve your life and your enjoyment of it.
Do you want to feel healthier?
Do you want to take control of certain aspects of your life?
Do you want to feel more positive and confident?
Do you want to feel happier each day?
If so, this workshop is for you!








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